Name Balentine Auction
Auctioneer T&S Auction Service LLP
Date(s) 11/5/2016
Live on-site auction Saturday November 5, 2016
Preview Date/Time Preview: Day of auction only
Checkout Date/Time 11/5/16 All items must be paid for before removal
Location 244 S. Shorts Corner Rd.
Pekin, IN 47165
Buyer Premium No Buyer's Premium
Firearms, Coins, Ammo, Safes, Knives, Antiques PUBLIC AUCTION Due to health reasons, Randall & Teena Balentine have authorized us to auction the following items. Auction location: The Family Life Center at the Pekin United Methodist Church, 244 S. Shorts Corner Rd., Pekin, IN 47165. From St. Rd. 60 in Pekin, go west on Shorts Corner Rd. ¼ mile to auction site. Saturday, November 5 - 9:00 Firearms & Ammo selling at 12 noon Firearms and Ammo Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen semi-auto 16 ga. shotgun, in excellent cond.; Remington Mod. 11-48 semi-auto 28 ga. shotgun; (2) Remington Mod. 1100 Lightweight semi-auto 20 ga. shotguns w/ vent rib; Remington Mod. 870 Wingmaster pump-action 16 ga. shotgun w/ mod. choke; Mossburg (by Kayhan Art S.S.) Mod. "Silver Reserve" over/under double-barrel 12 ga. shotgun w/ gold trigger, Turkish-made, never fired; Winchester Mod. 1897 pump-action 12 ga. shotgun w/ mod. choke; Winchester Mod. 1896 pump-action 12 ga. shotgun w/ full choke; Winchester Mod. 37 single-shot 12 ga. shotgun w/ full choke; Winchester Mod. 1300 pump-action 20 ga. shotgun w/ 3 chokes; Belknap Mod. B63B single-shot 20 ga. shotgun; Mohawk Chief single-shot 12 ga. shotgun; Harrington & Richardson single-shot 12 ga. shotgun (patented 1901); Chinese Norinko SKS semi-auto 7.62X39mm rifle, never fired; Interarms Norinco Model 22-ATD semi-auto .22LR rifle w/ right-side stock load receiver; Marlin Model 60 semi-auto .22LR cal. rifle w/ gold trigger & BSA Rimfire 3-7X20 scope; Marlin Model 80 bolt-action .22S-L-LR cal. rifle; Winchester Model 68 single-shot, bolt-action .22S-L-LR cal. rifle; Ruger New Model Single-Six .22mag revolver w/ extra .22reg cylinder; Ruger Blackhawk six-shot .44mag revolver; Smith & Wesson six-shot .38 S&W Special revolver; German-made Rohm Model RG24 six-shot .22L cal. revolver; Davis Industries Model DM-22 two-shot .22/.22mag cal. derringer; Daisy "Powerline 201" .177 cal. air pistol; several lots of ammo including 12 ga., 20 ga., 28 ga., 7.62X39 cartridges, .44 rem. mag. brass, .22 win. mag., .22 LR mini mag hollow point, .22LR; 1 long gun hard case; 4 long gun soft cases; US holster; Ruger pistol grip, Browning gun safe, wooden gun cabinet. At seller's request, handguns will be transferred through FFL Coins, Stamps, and Paper Money 1911 $2 ½ gold piece; 1928 $2 ½ gold piece; 1853 $1 gold piece; Morgan silver dollars (1878-S, 1879, 1879-O, 1879-S, 1880, 1880-S, 1882-S, 1883, 1885, 1885-S, 1888-O, 1891-O, 1896, 1900-O, 1903, 1903-S, 1904, two 1921); Peace silver dollars (1921, eight 1922, 1923, two 1923-S, 1924, two 1924-S, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1934-D); 28 Eisenhower dollars (various dates of '71-D, '72-D, '76); Susan B. Anthony dollars (113); Sacajawea dollars (8); President dollars (13); two 1986 Liberty proof dollars & half dollars; Capped Bust half (1832); Barber halves (1900, 1906-O, 1911, 1911-D, 1912-D, 1915-S); Walking Liberty halves (two 1918, 1930, two 1935, three 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, two 1940, two 1941, 1941-S, seven 1942, eight 1943, 1943-D, 1944); Franklin halves (1948, 1953, two 1958, 1961, two 1963); Kennedy halves (two 1964, 22 from 1965-1969, 200+ from 1971-1990); Columbian Expo halves (two 1893); Stone Mountain halves (three 1925); Booker T. Washington halves (two 1946); Seated Liberty quarter (1854); Barber quarters (three 1896, 1903, 1904, two 1908, three 1909, 1909-D, 1916); Standing Liberty quarters (two 1925, three 1926, five 1927, six 1928, two 1929, two 1930, 50 unknown dates); Washington quarters (72 from 1930's, 230 from 1940's three from 1950's, eleven from 1960's, 22 various dates); $10 roll of bicentennial quarters; Twenty cent piece (1875-S); Capped Bust dime (1835); Barber dimes (1908, 1914); Mercury dimes (over 1000, various dates); Capped Bust half dime (1835); Seated Liberty half dimes (1845, 1853, 1861); Shield nickels (two 1868, 1869); V-nickels (1897, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1910, 1911); Buffalo nickels (two 1920, 1926, 1927, two 1929, two 1930, three 1935, five 1936, eight 1937, 1938, 30 of unknown dates); Jefferson nickels (4 from 1930's, 4 war, 44 from 1940's, 38 from 1950's, 145 from 1960's, 42 from 1970's); Three cent pieces (1865, 1866); Two cent pieces (three 1865, 1867); Large pennies (1819, 1828, 1845, 1846, 1851); Indian head pennies (129 of various dates); 4 rolls of 1943 steel pennies; several wheat pennies; Half cent (1835); partially-filled books of Washington quarters (74 silver), Jefferson nickels (1938 to 1961, 1962 to 1984), Lincoln pennies (1941 to 1974); empty Eisenhower book; 1986 Red Book; lot of misc. Canadian coins; German pennies (1875, 1966); Indiana Sesquicentennial medallion (4 troy oz. of silver); Indianapolis Sesquicentennial medallion (4 oz. of bronze); two Winchester, IN 1-oz. silver coins; two Liberty 1-oz. silver coins; Double Eagle Commemorative coins (5 Ronald Reagan, 4 Teddy Roosevelt); five Antigua & Barbuda 1st day of issue stamped envelopes of Ronald Reagan (6-18-1984); block of Elvis stamps; 1969 Cummins Diesel Co. 50-yr. coin; Ellwest-Jolar amusement coin; Hurst cabinet wooden nickel; $20 bill (1934); $5 bills (four 1963 red); $2 bills (1928 red, 27 from 1976); $1 silver certificates (1935-C, 1935-E); 4 display cases. This large collection has not had all mintmarks examined! Safe, Knives, Antiques and Collectibles Large antique Mosier safe from L.B. Stewart Funeral Home in Scottsburg (31x25x44); 40 or more pocketknives (incl. 2007 Schrade, Boker Solingen Germany Tree Brand Classic, Case XX, Buck, Coca-Cola Buck, Jeffboat knife, Anvil, Old Timer, Black Cat, Winchester, Wild Turkey advertising knives); Indian tomahawk head (found by Randy in Polk Township); antique Dietz Police whale-oil flashlight; antique hand-crafted candle lantern by R.H. Gresham, Jeffersonville; small spoon featuring Flagship Olympia, Admiral Dewey, Hero of Manila; 3 antique can openers; Wayne Identity Bureau keychain fob; several old vintage newspapers of local interest (incl. Kentucky Herald-Post, National Democrat, The Sun, Courier-Journal, & others from dates such as 1891, 1893, 1920s, & 1930s); 1953 Coca-Cola advertising card; 3" Coca-Cola bottle; 1972 Coca-Cola aluminum coin featuring Wilma Rudolph; three 1976 Coca-Cola 75th anniv. coins; two Coca-Cola safe driver tie tacks; Coke lapel pin; Diet Coke pin; Pepsi-Cola lapel pin; '92 Ertel's bottle cap; Sterling bottle cap; Walesboro Cummins paperweight; IH Louisville cast-iron cadet soldier (9-14-74); IH lapel pin; FFA pin; PCS '67 pin; cross w/ red background pin; United Way pin; flag broach; Florida charm; small frog from Evansville Frog Follies; NASCAR patches, books, models, & memorabilia; B.F. Goodrich coin purse; 1936 British penny money clip, and many other items too numerous to mention. Terms: Cash or check w/ approved photo I.D. Announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. Not responsible for accidents. Lunch will be served by the Pekin UMC women's group. Come and stay for this lifetime collection of items. AUCTION CONDUCTED BY: T&S AUCTION SERVICE Billy Hagan ph. 812-967-3576 AU10400170 Dawson Souder ph. 812-967-3730 AU01001201 Jeffrey D. Souder ph. 812-967-3734 AU10200098
Terms: * Cash or personal check w/ approved photo ID. * All items must be paid for day of sale *Announcements made day of sale take precedence over printed material. * All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. * All descriptions believed accurate but not warranted. * Bidder inspection is encouraged. * By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. * Not responsible for accidents
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Cash or personal check w/ approved photo ID.
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